The why of Kuppani

Sometimes one wonders, "how can you transform something so 'simple' into something 'wonderful'?" The answer is simple: believe, transmit, transform and throw yourself away!!

What I'm talking about? 🀨 I'll tell you...

Kuppani emerged eight years ago, we ventured to give it a name and even design (without experience) a logo, perhaps we didn't know anything about cups but what we did know is that we would be something in the future.

Our first name was Dovana, we opened to the public on February 2, 2013, in a picturesque town that did not bring me anything magical because I have lived there all my life, but it gave my partner a sense of home, a sense of of warmth and a sense of wanting to explore the what if…

We started with a gift shop 🎁.

We started with a gift shop 🎁.

Dovana at that time was the result of poorly paid jobs, of looking for opportunities and not finding them, it was the result of a relationship at that time of a couple wanting to be together and do something great in life.

Together because this magical town has definitely always been my home, but not my partner's, together because we didn't want to separate with our professional plans because we undoubtedly believed that there was a love story for us. So one day walking, during the week where in theory we should be working, we went for a walk to the town and we ran into a place in the center that said "FOR RENT", without hesitating we called and without thinking we rented it. What would happen? We didn't know, what we knew was that we had a place and that we had to live on something 😱. Perhaps we did not do things "correctly" but if we have learned anything, it is that you never learn from someone else's head.

We started with what we knew, the basics: a store, open it from Monday to Sunday, take care of it ourselves, sell gifts and wait for people to come to buy. Throughout those two years we did not live badly, we "removed" the rent, we had food and at the end of the day my partner walked with me to my house and he returned home... that's how we spent two years. We didn't live badly but, we brought a "something" that made us restless and we didn't know 😨 what it was.

When we decided to specialize in cups and to tour what we are now πŸ™‚.

When we decided to specialize in mugs, we already toured what we are now πŸ™‚.

I don't know what happened honestly, but one day we stopped being in the place, we stopped waiting for people and things settled down. We began to see that at some point gifts were not our thing and that we had a product, yes, a product that was a star, that it was "common" and that we could make a masterpiece out of it.

And so a new journey began πŸ™ƒ between my foolishness to put aside all the "gifts" and my partner's full conviction that the cups were what we should dedicate ourselves to. We began to investigate and study πŸ“š. We learned how to make a trace on the computer and how to draw a doll to transmit it on a mug. I remember that to make a cup it took us almost a month to make it, to trace it, capture it and engrave it... the goal was always to make it look beautiful.

One of our lessons learned was to find, at that time, suppliers that would make cups for us, since we did not have the machinery. We got to know places that were scary at first glance, we met people that at least I think I would never have met if we hadn't thrown ourselves into the world of "cups", and curiously now they have become great friends.

Wall of cups that we placed in the premises, thus we began to distinguish ourselves as "the cup shop".

Wall of cups that we placed in the premises, thus we began to distinguish ourselves as "the cup shop".

And then we returned to this picturesque place, the place of the cups, the place where those who came to visit passed by and took away a cup engraved and painted by us. And so we continue our growth, more and more experts in the stroke, in the painting of the cups, we went from having a cup ready in a month to just three days, we perfected the technique of stroke, engraving and painting. Thanks to our work, we began to have design practitioners interested in being with us, we met artisans who unhesitatingly trusted our project and baked cups for us to personalize, we had places that were interested in having our cups for sale and that's how we We started to learn more.

This is how we spend another few years and sometimes one does not stay still because you know that there is more to give but you do not know how. Again our restlessness made us move, we had (and still have) in mind that a "cup" is the perfect object to start your day, to be able to remember good moments, and to share excellent conversations... why miss it?

A souvenir, a showcase item, a β€œthis cool”, an β€œI will always use it”, a gift, a pen, an β€œoh, no! my cup broke, I want you to make me an identical one”, a β€œ I'll put my name on it so they don't take it in the office”, are some of the words and phrases that we have heard during Kuppani 's time and without a doubt when they see the final result they always end with a smile. That smile for us means that we have managed to convey the Kuppani feeling, the feeling of transforming a simple cup into "YOUR CUP".

Little by little we were transforming Dovana into Kuppani, a cozier, prettier place, more like a Kuppani experience πŸ™‚

Little by little we were transforming Dovana into Kuppani, a cozier, prettier place, more like a Kuppani experience πŸ™‚.

And then 4 to 5 years or so passed when we found ourselves in the task of wanting to do something else, to keep experimenting with our crazy ideas, to get out of the box and see what else is out there. Once again, I was reluctant to make such a drastic change and my partner had ideas that still did not fit in my head, but without a doubt both were on the same page of wanting to make Kuppani great.

Eight years later they have taken us to where we are now, we have closed our location to the public (although our great team continues to work behind closed doors) and we have ventured into the world of e-commerce, me with thousands of fears, and I imagine that my partner too 🀭, but at the end of the day each one of us has started to study and specialize in what we like about Kuppani. One of our objectives is to continue transmitting what we had in our physical location, in the picturesque town, to thousands of more people, but now at a national and international level.

Eight years we have traveled the world with our mugs, they have reached all continents, they have reached more than 100 countries, we are in almost all the states of the Mexican Republic and when we realized that we realized that part of our task had been accomplished, in making your home a place of Kuppani memories.

Thus, for us transforming something "simple" into "wonderful" is not impossible, we simply believed and continue to believe in our CUPS, we tried in every possible way to convey it and it has not been easy because there are many people with thousands of feelings and Thoughts against two crazy people who don't have glasses in their house but only cups hehehehe. Transforming your thoughts into something tangible is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in Kuppani and venturing out without knowing if we will learn another lesson or have resounding success is something we have learned from in this time.

Metepec, the magical town that has seen us grow, the town that welcomed us for 8 years, the place we will never forget because our story began here πŸ™‚. Metepec, the magical town that has seen us grow, the town that welcomed us for 8 years, the place we will never forget because our story began here πŸ™‚.

And so we are in the now, where I can tell you that my partner Roberto, now my husband, and I continue to have a love story in our own way, where our crazy ideas reach our home. Our friends often mention to us that they consider our house the "house of cups", hehe πŸ€ͺ. We continue to believe in ourselves, in Kuppani and in creating a happy world with moments and beautiful moments to remember. We have made "the little town" a Kuppani home, I have transformed Metepec from a place that did not see importance to a place that has made us grow in the workplace and family. We want that when you sit with a Kuppani cup, at home, at your friends' house, at your favorite cafeteria, at your office, you can enjoy every moment, no matter what you are doing at that moment and simply remember it with a BIG SMILE, because in this life it is about SMILING, ENJOYING and HAVING A GOOD TIME.

Chio Lara,
Creative Director & Co-Founder of Kuppani .

Roberto and I, crazy as always and happy to always be together πŸ’œ.
Roberto and I, crazy as always and happy to always be together πŸ’œ.
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Que hermosa historia de amor: por su trabajo
Por sus objetivos
Por la vida.
Felicidades, yo los conocΓ­ en Metepec, hace 8 aΓ±os.
Gracias por compartir su talento, y la excelencia por el trabajo

Ofelia movo

Amo mis tazas…. Son un gran equipo y estoy segura de que lograrΓ‘n todo lo que se propongan! Los quiero!

Marcela CastaΓ±os

Y vas por mΓ‘s mi querida hija❣️ siempre con esa gran creatividad que tienes y no quedarte quieta😘, Dios los bendiga por siempre πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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