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Cupido Sin Tino

Danger!!! Love is in the air Anti-love T-shirt

Danger!!! Love is in the air Anti-love T-shirt

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Our dear Cupid (yes, we are talking about the little monkey with wings, the god of love, who comes from Roman mythology, son of Venus and Mars... well, without so much fuss, he is always flying blindfolded "shooting " the people so that he can fall in love, I know πŸ™„) he was left without the gift of hitting people and now instead of just falling in love ... he comes to cause chaos 😱.


T-shirt size guide

Size Broad Long
Girl 45.7cm 68.6cm
Median 50.8cm 71.1cm
Big 55.9cm 73.7cm
Extra big 61cm 76.2cm

Care & Composition

🧼 Use as little detergent & fabric softener as possible.
🫧 DO NOT use iron .
β˜€οΈ It is recommended to dry in the sun . In the dryer, use low temperature.
πŸ’¦ Washing machine with cold water. Do not carve .
πŸ‘• Wash inside out . Wash with like colors.

100% polyester material. Chiffon fabric fabric. Grammage of 160 gr/m2.

Made in Mexico

Proudly printed t-shirts by the hands of Mexican artisans.

There may be slight modifications in the tone of the shirt, the size & the color of the print.

How is my t-shirt printed?

Your t-shirt is printed using sublimation , it is a technique that transfers an image using heat at a very high temperature. Don't worry the print can last many washes & years.

You have doubts?

Once upon a time there was a lonely, lonely cup who just wanted to be part of a family...

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